3 Steps to Finding the Reclining Bed of Your Dreams

June 3, 2019 — by Richard Dawson

In the past couple of years, the sales of reclining beds have grown dramatically. But still, when it’s time for a sleep upgrade, many people replace their mattresses. They remain unaware of the great difference in the quality of sleep that reclining beds can provide, mistakenly equating them with hospital beds. Luckily, thanks to all the technology infused into them, that’s quite far from the truth.

reclining beds

An adjustable (reclining) bed can help you stop snoring and relieve any back pain that you may have. You will be also able to improve the quality of your sleep since adjustable beds allow you to fine-tune your sleeping terrain in order to get what’s most comfortable to you. To make this dream come true follow these 3 steps to make sure you are on the right path.

The Mattress Comes First

You need to know the type of mattress you’re buying as certain mattresses react differently to being folded or manipulated by an adjustable frame. For instance, conventional coil innerspring mattresses, do not react well on adjustable frames. That’s due to the fact that they’re not designed to be used in any position other than a flat position. Natural latex and memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, work best with reclining beds.

Function & Design

The operating sound and smoothness of reclining beds play a major role in its overall performance. To best check whether certain adjustable beds are a good fit for your body, your best bet is laying on them and trying out their different features. An entry-level base will typically enable you to operate the head and foot of the base. Before anything, ensure that the operation is smooth and that those sleeping positions feel comfortable to you. The more advanced and sophisticated adjustable beds also come with extra features such as variable massage levels and enhanced neck support. Some premium models even let you control the bed through your smartphone and program multiple settings to run at specific times.

Sleeping Preferences

Not everyone falls asleep in the same position, so if you are getting a bed for both you and your partner, you should invest in one that suits both of your preferences. In this case, your best bet is buying a bed with a split adjustable base so that both of you can adjust the bed’s surface according to your needs. Make sure you get two separate remotes – the independent movement of each side can help with sleep apnea or your partner’s annoying snoring. At first, it may take a while to find the position that suits you best. For that reason, you should evaluate your previous night’s sleep every morning and based on that save the setting that you think works best for you.