The Step to Infusing Your Life with Meaning is Through the Scandinavian Lagom Trend

February 20, 2018 — by Valeriya Vimon

Though when Scandinavian trends first started sweeping people off their feet worldwide, it seemed as though they were just trends that we wouldn’t expect to see around for more than a couple of years. However, years later, things look much different. Not only have Scandi trends proven to be timeless, but versatile as well which is what makes them so appealing. While we’ve enjoyed the hygge, and lykke, it’s time for lagom to stand out.

Rectangular Dining Table

I know you’re wondering now what lagom means exactly. It’s the philosophy explained as “sufficient, enough, just right”, the philosophy of “not too much, and not too little”. Lagom is a rectangular dining table, a sofa, a halltree; the Scandinavian design pieces are made of sustainable organic materials, to last a lifetime, created in smooth and sleek lines so as to add an element of luxury to any setting.

They’re not only a sight to see, but also teach us valuable lessons, such as how to make prudent eRco-friendly choices, opting for sustainability. They don’t only show that but they prove sustainability can be perfect for the budget too. So, what can you do to implement this life philosophy? Get a rectangular dining table, a sofa, and halltree, or in other words, make way for sustainability, invite simplicity in, get rid of all the rest. A minimalist home motivates one to continue making minimalist changes.

It all starts with the things you decide to surround yourself with. Scandinavian design, unlike other designs, is created to breathe life into the home, making it more open, and welcoming. When your home gets pleasant, thanks to the addition of Scandinavian furniture, your lifestyle is going to become pleasant as well. Lagom is here to teach you how to prioritise only what matters, and leave out all the rest.

This requires you to become mindful in everything you do, and as a result brings about balance in your life. When you are mindful, you can expect to only have time for the things that are important. It’s all about moderation: in finances, in interior décor, in eating, in just about every aspect of life you can think of. It’s the opposite of excess which we know so well hasn’t brought about as much of a desired outcome when it comes to being healthy, centred, happy, and more productive.

Think about it, it’s all connected; when you make mindful choices in furnishings, clothing, eating, you make choices that affect both the budget and the environment well, and they in turn lead to your balance, so you’d have more time for the things that make you feel good. When you balance the finances, you also have enough money for leisure and travelling. Being part of the fast-paced world of excess, we could all use the just right amount of lagom in our lives.