The Steps to Making Exercise Fun with Bumper Plates

December 21, 2018 — by Richard Dawson

The thought of getting in the habit of working out and reaching the body goals through intense exercises scares many, but boredom can be more of a culprit that’s not usually linked when it comes to giving up workouts altogether.

Yes, boredom can sneak in to your workout routine, however, the simple introduction of the bumper plate and the ways you can use it to freshen up your day to day exercises might be just what you need to continue working on staying fit and building a muscle. Yes, even routines can be fun.

Not surprisingly, many gyms have started welcoming this innovation, so it’s no longer used strictly for the Olympics; CrossFit and strength training fans have also gone crazy about them.

bumper plate

The bumper plate is high density rubber plate, odour free, designed to offer minimal bounce, and can be found in different colours, indicating the weight, such as 10kg green, 15kg yellow, 20kg blue, and 25kg red, but there are also 5kg ones, so you can easily make your pick.

As the safer and quieter option, bumper plates are suitable for a variety of exercises and styles, there are plenty of ways you can use them, other than for weightlifting, to make things more motivating in the gym.

You can start from something as basic as warmups, using one plate (weight of your preference) to rotate side to side in the number of reps (e.g. 10, 15) you think you need to get ready for the workout.

Squats are challenging for beginners, but with the help of a plate serving to press to the chest when you squat, it might seem easier to do so, or at least not as boring, and it’s a nice twist because it helps you keep the arms occupied as well. You might try barbell squats too.

Speaking of the arms, if you want to keep the biceps and triceps in shape, try curls and extensions with plates, just remember to keep the core tight. You can make lunges more engaging with overhead plate or the barbell, and focusing on the arms as well as the glutes, particularly the trail leg.

As for the abs, regular sit ups combined with bumper plates can have even more of an impact. All you have to do is hold the plate close to the chest, and as you sit up extend it upwards. Finish up by taking it back to the chest, and lying back.

The more of the plates you use with your exercises, the more ways you’re going to find to include them; no more boredom excuse!