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Here’s Why Wooden Toys are Better for Your Child

June 29, 2021 — by Richard Dawson

Wooden toys for children can make playtime more enjoyable and engaging. A simple, yet nicely crafted wooden toy may pique a child’s curiosity, inspire and drive their creativity. Some may argue that wooden toys have an outdated appearance, however, with today’s manufacturing, wooden toys come in a range of colours, shapes, and forms, with each model serving a different purpose for children’s development.
wooden toy puzzle

From an Educational Standpoint – How Productive Are Wooden Toys?

The appropriate toys for your child’s age can kick-start the educational process and stimulate their growth. Toys and other enjoyable activities can assist your child in developing their fine motor skills and understanding how particular objects function. A wooden toy delivers a far better sensory experience than a plastic toy does. Imaginative play is crucial for children’s cognitive development. Some toys are specifically designed to encourage various types of play and develop children’s mental skills.
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Wooden Toys for Children of All Ages and Personalities

Whether that’s cars, dolls, building sets, or dollhouses, all toys can be enjoyed regardless of the gender of the child. Unisex toys might help your child in making new friends and forming bonds with other toddlers. When talking about age, all toys on the market should come with appropriate guidelines. Toys are frequently thrown, banged, and stood on by young children, and if they break due to the impact, the fragments might become a choking hazard. The danger of choking is the main reason why there must be age restrictions put on the toy’s label.
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Toys designed for smaller children must be sturdy and able to resist the power exerted by a young child when playing. As a result, toys are divided into two categories: toys for children younger than 36 months and toys for children older than 36 months. Toys that are more sensitive and fragile should be labelled as such, and should not be given to children under the recommended age.

Now let’s take a look at the most popular wooden toys for kids and see which ones are suitable for all age groups.

Stacking Toys

If you have a newborn or a toddler at home, you most likely have a stacking ring set in the toys wooden collection. Stacking sets can be found in every child’s toy box. They are a traditional toy that serves a great purpose in your child’s development. Stacking rings promote eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, colour identification, and size sequencing. They are composed of a wooden base and have the standard primary colour sequence. They come in different shapes and forms such as skyrockets, towers, rings, blocks, etc. Children will enjoy stacking, constructing, and knocking them down in an infinite number of colourful configurations.
stacking toys for kids

Musical Sets

Since toddlers spend a lot of time singing lullabies, nursery rhymes, and even made-up humorous tunes, introducing musical instruments to their play as they become older is a natural step. Playing, touching, and making noise with a variety of children’s wooden musical instruments benefits kids in a variety of ways. This includes sensory development, improving the child’s listening skills, as well as encouraging creativity by allowing them to experiment with different sounds and imitating familiar melodies and songs.

Benefits of Toy Cars for Children

Children’s wooden toy cars are regarded as a classic piece in the world of toys because they are suitable for kids of all ages, they are sturdy, inexpensive, simple to clean, and, most importantly, they are constructed of safe materials. Children learn about the world around them through toy vehicles, from trucks and tractors to trains and racing cars. They observe how things operate and learn about the process of action and reaction – driving a car quickly and seeing it crash or roll over, and how a car moves on a flat surface vs a ramp.

Safety and Material Composition- Are Wooden Toys Toxic Like Plastic Toys Can Be?

It’s known that plastic toys, particularly those produced quite poorly, may break quickly, potentially leaving sharp edges and tiny pieces that can injure little ones. In this regard, wooden toys are more robust, durable and present a significantly lower safety risk. Wooden toys are safer than plastic toys as they are free of PVC, phthalates, and other toxins found in plastic toys.

However, when buying toys wooden models, consider the wood’s safety as not all woods are suitable for making toys. Some woods are brittle, while some are even poisonous. Solid, high-quality, low-toxic woods are used to make the greatest wooden toys. Do your research and avoid buying toys made from low-quality, chemically treated wood.

Furthermore, paint and sealers are used on the toys’ external surfaces, which youngsters will come into close touch with. With that being said you should avoid high-gloss, gleaming wooden toys as that’s a definite indicator that they’ve been varnished. Estapols and varnishes are solvent-based sealers that are typically used for floors, doors, and furniture, rather than toys. Even while there are less hazardous water-based alternatives, they’re still not intended for youngsters to put in their mouths or chew on.