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Kids Footwear 101: How to Choose the Right Pair of Sneakers for Your Child

September 22, 2022 — by Valeriya Vimon

The arrival of spring and summer makes us all put away our boots and replace them with a decent pair of sneakers. This includes kids too given that sneakers for kids have gradually taken over as the youngest people’ preferred footwear.

But when the brand, style, and other factors are taken into consideration, sneakers are not just sneakers. So how do you choose the right ones? The following guidelines will help you pick the ideal pair of kicks and make the youngest and dearest members of the family smile.

Find the Right Size

a kid trying on sneakers

The first step on the way to making the right selection is to buy high-quality childrens trainers to support the proper growth and development of their feet! However, even if a pair of sneakers is smart enough, it won’t do much good if it’s the wrong size. Well-fitted kicks, on the other hand, will support their little feet and let them develop naturally!

A toddler’s nerve endings may not be fully formed yet, so they may not notice or feel pain and discomfort caused by ill-fitting shoes, and they may not be able to complain even if they do. Since the fit is crucial and should never be compromised, to help you receive the greatest fit for your toddler, the majority of high-quality shoe suppliers provide whole and half sizes as well as a selection of width fittings.

Moreover, before starting school, toddlers’ feet can grow quite quickly, but after that, they begin to slow down until they are fully mature at roughly 16 years old. This implies that you will need to measure their feet frequently. In fact, you should have your child’s feet measured every six to eight weeks when they first start wearing sneakers or whenever you want a new pair due to the rapid rate at which toddlers develop.

However, this doesn’t imply that you should buy childrens trainers that are too big, especially for infants and toddlers who are just learning to walk. The best way to provide the ideal room for growth is to measure the length of your child’s feet while they’re standing upright. Remember to measure both feet as they may be of different lengths.

Start by having your youngster stand up against a wall with equal weight on both feet. Put a book on the floor so that it touches their longest toe, their heel up against the wall. Next, find the distance in cm between the longest toe against the book and the heel on the wall for both feet.

Choose High-Quality Materials

little kid tying laces on his sneakers

When looking for strong, supple and comfy pair of childrens sneakers nothing beats the ones made of real leather! The intrinsic flexibility of leather allows the foot to evolve naturally as it adapts and moulds to the contour of the shoe over time.

Moreover, it’s crucial to pick a pair of shoes that maintains a comfortable internal environment for the feet while allowing the skin to breathe. Soles should also move following the foot’s natural motions. Look for a brand that uses natural rubber soles because it’s not only strong but also supple and flexible by nature.

Material is also important in providing the right fit that stops the foot from slipping around inside the shoe. So picking premium fabrics is a must for giving your active child many hours of amusement and joy!

Function Beats Style – Go for Support

Sneakers may look good but if they don’t provide the support and comfort that they’re often known for, they won’t serve the purpose and may be replaced more frequently than your child overgrows them! In that regard, the baby’s legs and back are affected when walking and running. A wise choice of footwear in the early years can make it easier for your child to have an active life for even though the effect does not appear for many years.

Naturally, the foot posture of your child determines what you should concentrate on in this area. Therefore, it may be a good idea to watch the hallway at home while no shoes are there. This enables you to determine quickly whether you require footwear with additional support in specific areas, like sneakers. One good option may be closed-toe athletic sneakers with arch support.

Don’t forget to inspect the sole as well. Does it offer assistance? Does it effectively absorb shocks? Is there a heel cap that supports the full foot posture as well as the ankle? For instance, hard soles allow for better support, whereas soft soles offer far less support and control over foot motion.

Opt for Premium Designs

pairs of kids sneakers

Quality sneakers should be pleasing to the eye as well. Think of a pair that follows both current and seasonal fashion trends with carefully selected stitches and shades. Many fashionable footwear brands for kids go the extra mile with style and appearance, and design sneakers with aesthetic elements like glitter and stars in a variety of patterns and sizes!

If you’re unsure about the style for your child, a good rule of thumb is to go for a neutral hue. They become much more functional because they may frequently be used with many more sets of clothing in this way.

Although white sneakers look great, it’s a good idea to have a pair of dark ones if they will be used outside on a playground, while riding a scooter, or during school breaks. This way you avoid the worn-out and damaged look than white sneakers can get. As mentioned, style may be important, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of practicality!

Proper Care

Given the proper care, a pair of kids’ sneakers will serve the purpose for an indefinite time, or at least until they outgrow it! To keep leather sneakers supple and beautiful clean them with Beeswax spray, which is simple to use in the proper amounts and helps maintain the suppleness of the material, while protecting the sneakers from unnecessary deterioration from the weather. Additionally, using shoe polish—either neutral or in the right shade—can prevent the colour of the sneakers from deteriorating.