Sports Gear can Boost or Break Your Performance – 3 Reasons to Choose The Right

April 8, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

Although strong will is the most important thing you need to have in abundance when you decide to hit the gym hard, a few accompanying details can also do a lot for the outcome of that otherwise, torturing must-do activity. Not just that it will boost your self-confidence and make you want to devote yourself to sculpting those legs even more, but a good and proper sports gear will actually boost your performance and make exercising a lot easier. You think I am delusional? Let me prove you wrong.


Correct and proper sports apparel improves performance

There was a case about 6-7 years ago when professional swimmers complained about the suits that apparently made some of the competitors need less time to start, because the suit created an aerodynamic flow in the water, thus shortened time off the swimmer’s lap. When that fact came out these suits were completely banned from use due to giving an unfair competitive advantage to swimmers. Now, you may not be a competitor in swimming, but a suit like that is obviously going to make your weekly recreational swimming a lot more attractive because you’ll be doing it like a real pro. Furthermore, the material could allow your skin to either breathe while you’re running or keep the sweat and cause rashes, break-outs and terrible discomfort that will make you give up your training. So, if you’re buying your sports gear online, have in mind that a 100% cotton shirt is definitely going to make your runs a lot better than some non-breathable material.


Compression clothing can help your recovery process

There’s a slight conflict when it comes to this issue; a study made in Germany back in 2013 came up with the result that compression clothing actually helps recover after exercising, while the study from 2015 made in the US came up with quite the contrary: it has no effect whatsoever. However, what is true is that compression clothing provides the much needed pressure for reducing the soreness and inflammation that are inevitable after every training, especially after a sports game. And I know that as much as you like the pain from being sore after a training, you don’t like feeling like paralyzed for days.


Freedom of movement is possible with the right clothing

Dunking, spiking, swinging and other similar movements will definitely be restricted heavily if you’re wearing a light shirt, and running and jumping are definitely not convenient in wide shorts. Also, wearing a tight cap may cause you a headache or an inconvenience on your head. However, you don’t want it to fall or slip over and distract you. Tight clothes that fit your body perfectly make all these complex movements a lot easier, especially when you do compound training.

Bottom line is, as much as you think your old white cotton shirt would be useful for the gym, you may want to re-consider that decision. Search for tight and suitable sports gear online since these are a much better option and plus, you get to actually see how you’re progressing and motivate yourself even more!