3 Steps to Organizing Your Tackle Bag Perfectly

April 20, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Tackle BagSince this year Easter comes a bit later, it gives us yet another reason to impatiently wait for it and enjoy the days off with our family and friends. It’s been a long time since Christmas holidays and we all need a few days to feel jolly yet again.

In my family we have a fun Easter tradition: we all go fishing. The only things that change each year are the river and my cousin Sal’s girlfriends, everything else is practically the same like it was 20 years ago. My mother prepares all things sugary and sweet, my uncle is our barbecue boss (we bake what we catch), my aunts are responsible for the cocktails and my job is to teach all my little cousins how to fish.

So yes, my family is addicted to fishing. However, I’m the only one who cares about the equipment, so I make sure everything stays clean and in order because I’m also the only one who likes to keep the tackle bag perfectly organized. I’ve tried to share some tips with my family on how they can organize their tackle boxes, but they never bother to listen to my suggestions. This is why I decided to share my all-mighty organizing skills with a bunch of strangers on the internet who hopefully will appreciate the effort.

However, before going any further, I need to tell you that every fishing bag should offer enough storage where you can conveniently organize all the stuff. When I bought my most recent soft tackle bag it came with another, smaller bag and they both featured supple plastic webbing for storage for the most frequently used items. The large bag includes 2 X 370 tackle boxes while the smaller one comes with 2 X 360 tackle boxes.

Make Some Room For All the Lures

The first thing I do is separate my lures into two main categories – hard and soft. The soft ones are divided into those fished above bottom (floating warms, frogs, flukes) and those fished on bottom (tubes, warms, lizards).

I classify the hard ones according to depth and profile. For example, a Rapala DT-6 fits the small profile while a DT-16 fits the bigger profile. Depending on the types of lures you’re using, you can separate them by size, action or color.

Tackle Bag 2

Get Hooked Up on Hooks

Don’t forget to bring as many hooks with you as you can. Even if you are an experienced fisherman, you still need small hooks. That’s why you can see me carrying a wire hook, a kahle hook or even a thick gauge hook because who knows when big fish all fishermen dream of might appear.

I organize my hooks in small utility boxes dividing them according to their size. Since I love colorful things, I place the small ones (from 5 to 1/0) in a green box and the large ones (from 2/0 to 5/0) in a blue one.

Label It Before It’s Too Late

Although I have perfected organizing my tackle bag, I always want to be 100% sure that in case of emergency, I will be able to grab the right lure or hook. Also, since I take a lot of items with me, it’s easy to forget where exactly I put the floating warms especially if I’m in a hurry. So labeling my tackle and utility boxes is the last thing I do when I prepare my fishing equipment.

Lastly, it’s important to know where you’ll be fishing and what kinds of fish dwell there. That’s why I arrange my tackle bag prior to every fishing trip – my organization method depends on the equipment I take with me.


Powdered Whey Protein: a Stepping Stone to a Hercules-Like You

March 3, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


I like to think that we live in the golden age of gym supplements, which motivates a lot of young people to start working out and achieve their results faster than they could a couple of years ago. At the forefront of all supplements lies protein, as the single most important and most consumed supplement. But with so many protein powders on the market, it’s a tough decision to pick the right one.Powdered Whey Protein

Protein can be viewed as the bricks of the body, and I’m glad more people are finally starting to embrace its power. It helps grow and repair muscles after working out and it undeniably helps the body’s performance, strength and composition. So if you’re looking to get into fitness and work on your body and overall health, the first thing you should do after getting a gym membership is buy powdered whey protein. Why whey protein precisely?


Steps to Finding the Perfect Exhaust Resonator

February 20, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Internal combustion engines are known for making a lot of noise while running, which can be very annoying and exhausting to your ears, especially while on long rides. Thus, mufflers were invented to reduce this noise generated by the exhaust system. However, an even newer solution to the unwanted noise is the exhaust resonator, which further reduces the noise by making sound waves that cancel other noises out.


Steps to Choosing the Adequate Baits for Successful Fishing

February 13, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Fishing is rightfully considered one of the best hobbies a person can have if it’s relaxation and the chance to catch a hearty meal is what you’re after. Since it’s a kind of philosophy of its own, it takes making it part of your life to be able to truly understand it. The fact it’s beaten the test of time and is still very much popular just proves its effects on people.


3 Steps to Choosing the Right Skateboard Trucks

January 3, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


There comes a point in every skateboarder’s life when he breaks his beloved skateboard or at least breaks some of its parts. If you haven’t broken the board itself, then you probably won’t have to worry about changing much. The wheels are the part that is most often changed, which makes many skateboarders disregard the fact that they should take care of the skateboard trucks as well. For the newbie skaters who have no idea what these pieces are – the skateboard trucks are the parts which hold the wheels. There are usually two trucks per set up, each one holding two wheels.


3 Steps to Choosing the Right Fishing Plier

December 7, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


One thing that’s definitely a big deal for devoted fishermen is taking their pliers without asking and on top of it all – using them improperly. I learned that the hard way, after making my dad so mad that he stopped talking to me for a whole week! I couldn’t believe a pair of pliers could be so important to a man. That is, until I started fishing myself and started using different types of pliers to do it as professionally as possible.

Pliers are important for fishermen. We use them for tuning the pull direction, for cutting and crimping and other areas of fishing where a good fishing plier can find its most effective use. So if you’re on the beginning of your fishing adventure, or you haven’t been using pliers and your fishing tactics was everything but easy and enjoyable, go through these three steps on how to choose suitable pliers for your needs.

Fishing Plier

Highly Important: Structural Integrity in Saltwater

Saltwater can do a lot of damage to metal. If not cleaned from the salt, some types of metal that have been drowned in salt water would be useless after some time, because of the layer of corrosion. Metals corrode rather easy when in salt water, and any blade that has been in it is useless afterwards. You can try to clean it but it simply won’t be the same afterwards. What you can do to prevent this in the first place, is to choose an aluminum fishing plier which as the name says, is made of aluminium. This metal is corrosion-resistant and it’s very easy to machine it since its properties for anodizing it are widely well-known.

Next Thing: Cutters and Jaws

Aluminium is a great metal – very rigid and lightweight. But it’s also soft in composition, which is kind of a disadvantage when it comes to the degree of effectiveness of the jaws. For good, strong and durable jaws, manufacturers of pliers turn to another material: stainless steel. Stainless steel can be heat-treated with as much as 60R (R stands for the Rockwell scale for hardness). That way they can be designed as very effective knife blades and when they’re coated with a Teflon impregnation, the combination results in a very effective blade that doesn’t corrode much.

Finally, Some Comfort

It’s not just to say that you own the pliers and have them in your fishing tool box – you actually need to use them as much as possible, since you bought them to serve you on your fishing adventure. And if you don’t use them, that would normally suggest they aren’t really comfortable to use. Pliers that are comfortable for use have good, strong handles which have two lanyard holes for added security. Also, there would be a spring made of durable material such as stainless steel, and a locking mechanism to provide more safety and protect the pliers from damage. Make sure to choose the right size as this is a crucial factor for comfortably handling the pliers.

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The Road To a Skinny Body is Paved With Right Pills and Food

December 2, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


products for weight lossIt’s not a secret that everyone who’s ever tried to lose some extra kilos has turned to some type of slimming pills. People want quick and effective results and the products for weight loss say they offer exactly that, but sticking to slimming pills only won’t give you any serious results. I know there are many people that are fed up with dieting and counting the calories of the foods they buy although they get little to no results. If you are one of these people here are a few reasons why you don’t seem to lose weight although you think you do everything right:

  • First and foremost, you probably like to eat snacks and chocolates secretly and behind everybody’s backs. If you actually stick to a healthy diet you are definitely getting a result in just a few weeks;
  • You don’t exercise. Burning calories is the key to losing weight and you can’t burn calories sitting on a computer or watching TV all day long. Make a schedule that will help you to find the right time for working out and stick to it. You can’t expect to see the results in a few days of course, but with continuous exercise you won’t just lose weight, you’ll feel energized and happier;
  • You’re too impatient. You can’t expect a big result on your body only a few days after you’ve started with the new diet and go back to eating junk food just because nothing has improved overnight. Impatience is probably the strongest excuse why people can’t seem to bare a diet and I know it can be really annoying, but keeping up with the schedule you’ve started is a key for losing weight.

But with all the great inventions humankind has come up with all of that can be achieved with the right products for weight loss that won’t cause any bad side effects but will make you feel confident and pleased. If you combine eating exclusively healthy, working out a few times a week and consuming some of the many products for weight loss, you’ll be amazed from the changes. These products normally focus on controlling the appetite and suppressing unnecessary cravings. They will keep your metabolism and energy levels strong during the day and will help you burn the fat easier and faster. The greatest thing about these products is that you can choose from weight loss supplements, fat metabolisers to appetite suppressants and Thermogenics. There’s no right one, they are all good and effective, it just all depends on what you’re looking for in the supplements. Some of the products for weight loss are designed to transport the fat into a cell that will be burned as fuel during exercise others increase the body’s temperature and that way are enabling you to burn calories as heat instead of storing them as fat.

Using the products for weight loss while sticking to a healthy diet and working out will give you perfect results in no time. The most important thing is to listen to your body’s needs, not your crazy taste buds. If you give your body the vitamins and fibers it needs, you’ll forget about junk food and you’ll start enjoying a more comfortable and happy life.


Steps to Preparing for Your Underground Adventures and Becoming an Experienced Spelunker

November 25, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Headlamp For Camping

Being so pressed for time and living a fast paced life makes way for monotony. It’s no surprise you’d often hear people complaining they need some change in their lives, go to far off places and put their troubles behind for a little while. Who doesn’t like discovering the secrets of the world and visiting foreign lands? The problem is we may not always have the time or money which can really be the giving up point for most people, but if you’re really up for great adventures, you can find great places to explore even near you. Take caves for example, though not all of them are completely unexplored, they aren’t exactly the cup of tea for many.


Steps to Picking the Right Helmet and Enjoying a Safe Ride

November 9, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Sometimes I think how boring of a place the world would be if not for the fun and excitement riding a motorcycle provides. Just having the possibility of visiting far off places and escape the boring surroundings, meet more motorcycling enthusiasts, make new friends and join motorcycling groups is what it’s all about. Whenever I’m in the company of my motorcycle, I feel as if I have wings to fly and some sort of invincibility particularly when I see the looks on people’s faces who are stuck in their cars in the kilometres long traffic congestions, envying me for making my way through with ease. The feeling of flying and invincibility are just some of the reasons why you should take up motorcycle riding.

Motorcycle Helmet

As much as I feel invincible though, I bet many would agree there’s also some sort of danger with these rides, more so than with cars, let’s say, however when you have the right equipment and ride around with caution, changing the speed accordingly, there’s nothing to worry about. Talking about the essence of equipment, one can’t be considered a true biker if not for the use of a helmet. Safety always comes first, and since in case of accidents, the head is the most vulnerable part, having the proper helmet makes a world of difference, providing all the protection since it can absorb the impact and act as a shield. With plenty of shops, both local and online, and their big assortment of motorcycle accessories, I’m sure you’d find the perfect helmet for you. Here are a few steps to get you to a wise purchase.

First, decide whether you’re more of a full face or open face helmet fan. The full face helmet, as you can guess from the name, covers up the whole head, and it’s got a visor that can be placed up and down for eye protection and face access. Open face don’t protect the chin but they cover up the back and sides of the head and you can get a face shield if you want protection against insects and dust. Then, there are also half face helmets, but they are the least safe option of the three, so if you want to get the safest go for the full face.

Girl Riding Motorcycle

The next step would be to consider the size. A helmet should feel tight to a certain degree where it covers most of the head but not as tight so as to cause you discomfort. The same goes for all the rest motorcycle accessories that should be part of your full motorcycle outfit such as the ideal pants, jacket and boots. Having good peripheral vision is also something to look for, so you’d be able to see well side to side. Once you’ve got size covered, think about the weight. This is where materials and aerodynamics step into the spotlight. Fibreglass composites and plastic are the usual choices, but there are also those made of carbon fibre which have a longer lifespan and happen to be stronger than steel. The better the aerodynamics, the more prevention of a helmet lift.

After covering the functional safety points, you can focus on the aesthetics and choose from the variety of colours and designs you’d most feel comfortable wearing. Riding a motorcycle is all about style and that’s also something the helmet can assist you with.


3 Steps to Help You Introduce Your Kid to the World of Heelys

September 23, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Roller skating has been one of the most popular activities in the past decade. It is the perfect means of transport for shorter distances and great way to have some fun. However, roller skates are quite expensive and not everyone can ride them. On top of expensive, a kid can easily fall from them and seriously injure themselves. Luckily, today there is a pretty popular kids toy for both girls and boys that has taken over the market of roller skates – Heelys. You’ll often see kids “ghost-gliding” besides their parents while in the mall or pavements, leaving people confused while having a great time.


From my personal experience, my kids absolutely adore Heelys. But before I bought them their first pair, I did some research on the types of models I can buy. I suggest you do your research as well before you decide to buy Heelys online, and make sure you know what you’re getting for your kid.

When you look to buy Heelys online you will generally see them categorized in two basic sub-categories – one wheel and two wheeled models. While both are extremely fun and there isn’t much of a difference between them, they both offer unique features and advantages over the other.


  • One-wheel models are much easier to maneuver with and can reach higher speeds. However, the disadvantage lies in the balance, as kids with poor balance will find them more difficult to ride than the two wheeled model.
  • Two wheeled Heelys are a more recent model and offer a better control and stability. You have the option to remove one of the wheels if your kid likes a challenge or just see how a one wheeled model feels.

After you’ve bought the Heelys, you need to teach your kids how to ride them if they already don’t know. Here are 3 simple steps that will help your kid learn how to properly glide with Heelys:

  • First, tell your kid to start walking with a slight preference on their toes, just try lifting them up as they walk. This will allow them to learn how to balance for more than a few seconds and is essential to have a leading foot, meaning, having one foot in front of the other. They should do this for the sake of balance and improved stability.
  • Secondly, tell them to slightly bend their knees. This will allow them to change surfaces (like from street to pavement, and vice versa) without injuring their feet. This will also help them balance, and relaxed muscles and joints will “accept” bumps more mildly. It’s also important to always look forward. I understand this might be hard at first, but they have to look at their surroundings and don’t pay much attention to the movement. Instead, look at objects that look still.
  • And lastly, they have to mind the speed. In order to stop, they’ll need to put down their toes and sometimes even do run-out motions to slow down to walking speed. If they go too fast and want to instantly stop, they can easily injure themselves.

Ride Your Way to Better Health: Choose a Mountain Bike in 3 Easy Steps

September 20, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


You’ll all agree with me that discussing whether riding a bike can improve your health or not is plain stupid. With all the scientific research done on the matter, it’s more than clear that riding a bike is more than beneficial for your body and mood. And with spring coming along and all the trees and grassy surfaces starting to bloom and become green, it would be a shame to limit yourself to a stationary indoor bike. I mean, wouldn’t you want to breath the fresh air, enjoy the sightseeing around you and be amazed by all the beauty of nature while you do some real exercising? Of course you would. The obvious solution? A mountain bike.

Trail mountain bikes

Mountains in spring are a piece of art, no need to elaborate on it. And thanks to the widely practised culture of mountain biking around the world, it would be a shame for you not to own a mountain bike and be trendy at least. If you still don’t have yours, start searching for mountain bicycles for sale. Don’t be scared by the vast offer of bikes and all the models, colours and price tags; I know it’s hard to choose, which is why I’ve made a simple 3-steps guide to help you.

You really need to establish a budget

I know you probably think that money won’t be a problem (because you’re royalty and you should have what you want), but let me remind you that you’re not shopping for socks here. A mountain bike is significantly more expensive than an ordinary one, so you need to establish you upper limit to avoid major shocks. You can choose a penny pincher for $500, but you should be prepared to replace it after a year or so of using. Also, you can go a class up and choose something ranging between $1000 and $3500 which means higher quality, better features and of course, durability. It’s important to have a budget established before you start searching the mountain bicycles for sale offers so you don’t waste time and get your hopes high.

What type of biking will you be doing?

Terrain is a very important thing in mountain biking as there are mountains and there are some really scary mountains. If you keep riding only on local trails with a few trips to serviced trails a year, then you need a trail bike, or an XC. A downhill bike is not appropriate for this purpose and buying it would be a waste of money. So, before you go and buy the bike, make a plan of where would you be riding it and inspect the terrain.

Research the details

When it comes to making an investment such as buying a bike, paying attention to details is important because you want to be happy and satisfied by your purchase and not find it hard to look at. After you establish the budget and the purpose, start researching details like the material used for the body, the type of brakes, the handles and all the additional extras. There is a number of combinations of features you can choose from, according to your desires. Also, consider the brand and choose one that is reliable.

In conclusion, what other way is there to keep your perfect physique and blood flow than getting out there and sweating? Buying a mountain bike is easy, but it does require you to open your computer and research a little. And if you’re not convinced about the mountain bike being your health genie, research that too. Plus, there’s no better way to make an investment like this one than being completely informed about what’s best and what should be avoided.


Step into an Adventurous Reality: Join a Fishing Challenge

September 19, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Fishing Challenge

If you love fishing, and want to take it to the next level and find out how well you do compared to other fishermen, you should try competing in a tournament. The worst thing that could happen is spending a couple of hours out in the water trying to catch fish, which is exactly what you are doing anyway. The best that could happen is you walking away with a nice cash prize and maybe some amazing fishing gear.


3 Steps to Getting the Adequate Fishing Rod and Making the Most of Your Favourite Sport

September 1, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Fishing has been present for as long as we know. It’s an essential part of the Bible since Jesus brought abundance to people and allowed them to sustain their lives by becoming fishermen. Though primarily it was used as a means of getting a healthy delicious meal on the table, in centuries it has grown into a sport of its own and to this day it brings about relaxation around the world.

You feel fed up with life and your energy is completely drained? You want to bond with your family and friends but don’t know how to make the time for that? You wish to get away from your surroundings for a while and be somewhere else? The answers lies in fishing. It will be the energy booster you need and the perfect opportunity for a fun family gathering in the great outdoors as you marvel at the beauty of nature.

Fishing Rods

It might seem like it’s a monotonous activity that doesn’t require that much effort, but assuming that would be as wrong as assuming yoga only requires sitting in one spot all the time and staying motionless. Unless you fully engage in fishing and use specific techniques and manoeuvring, you won’t have any kind of fish to fry at the end of the day. Among the most important aspects of why it’s such a pleasant pastime choice is that you get to work on your patience. Of course, there are times you’ll spend too much time waiting in vain, only to have the fish slip away once you catch it. Instead of getting angry and start breaking whatever comes at hand (your valuable equipment for instance), you could view these situations as lessons that can be of use further in life.

Before you actually head out to the nearest river or lake, you should be aware that a fisherman is nothing without the use of a fishing rod; well, except for those really skilled ones who rely only on their bare hands for a catch. There are all kinds of fishing rods you’ll find, so you can rest assured you’ll acquire the exact one you need. However, having such a vast variety of choices can be a bit confusing because you might not know what to pay attention to when you’re making the purchase, so here are three steps to help you through.

First things first, you have to be sure of the purpose of your rod. Considering there are different kinds of fish, you’ll have to use different rods so it’s important to know your target. You can’t expect to catch a salmon using the rod you usually catch trout with because there are high chances it will break. In the same aspect, you have to know the place where you’ll go fishing: will it be the vastness of the ocean as you surf fish, or will it be the small lake nearby? This will determine the length of the rod you require.

The next step is looking for the right amount of power. This is related to the weight of the bait as well as the weight of the target fish. As we mentioned in the first step, the kind of fish you’re after can be your fishing rods purchasing guide. For bigger fish you’ll need to have a more powerful rod that won’t easily bend or break unlike the one for small fish. Flexibility plays a role here as well. If you’ll be fishing for fish which do move a lot, you’ll do best with a slow-action rod that quivers equally in all parts, whereas with a sensitive fast-action rod you’ll only see tip movement.

Last but not least, consider the material of the fishing rod. The best kinds of rods are those that are composite because of their durability and flexibility. The all-time favourites, however, are graphite rods as they are suitable for most anglers and they are powerful enough to catch large fish as well. Make a wise purchase and you’ll have a fishing rod that will serve you for years to come.


Step-by-step Fish Video Clips Can Help You Catch the Fish you Want

July 20, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Improving your fishing skills isn’t always possible if you don’t have someone to show you how. Well, that was completely true until recently since the internet has opened all sorts of doors. Something great that has come in recent times is the ability to learn new skills or improve old ones online. The same goes for fishing with some really great tutorials and fish video clips out there. All of this sounds unconventional because it goes a long way from old methods. Before everyone had access to the internet, fishing was taught in person from someone who had more experience than you. These days it’s quite easy to find some great fishing video clips that can teach you the basics: how to use certain equipment and how to catch the fish you really want.

Fish Video Clips


3 Steps To Building Lean Muscle Mass

June 2, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Anyone who has just started with a certain training regime has one main goal in mind: build muscle mass. If this is your goal, bear in mind that it requires time and more important – a solid foundation to build on. Also, building lean muscle mass means you need to train hard but you should also have a proper nutrition plan as well as add some supplements for a faster muscle gain. It may seem easy at first, but there are some guidelines you need to stick to.


Solid nutrition and muscle building supplements

Yes, hitting the gym a couple of times a week is a must, but without sticking to a proper diet regime combined with the right supplements, it will all be in vain. Therefore, to help gain muscle you should quit drinking all those unhealthy sodas, eat junk food and sweets. Moreover, make sure you include a lot of protein, low glycemic carbs and a moderate portion of healthy fats. To get the most of your training regime, it is important to complement your workout sessions and meals with muscle gain supplements.

From all the different types and forms of supplements, powders are the most popular and effective. The most commonly used powders for muscle mass are protein, creatine and whey. These are a great source of energy which will boost your strength while working out. You can easily find them in any reliable retailer for sport nutrition Australia wide and buy the quantity you need.

Organize your training sesions

Spending countless hours at the gym might mean nothing if you do not do the right exercises. The thing is, you need to stick to a certain training that works the best for you and do it for a certain period of time. One of the biggest mistakes some people make is that they try to cover more than one muscle group in one workout session. If you are a newbie in the gym, here’s a small tip – start your first days at the gym with a full-body training split, that is, train all major bodyparts in each workout the first week, instead of splitting up your training (you’ll get to that part a few weeks once you are in the program). Beware, it is crucial that you have a day to rest in between trainings so that your body can recover and your muscles grow stronger.


Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most important parts, not just when you are training but it is also crucial for your overall health. Therefore, everytime you hit the gym, make sure you carry with you a bottle of water to refresh yourself between reps. It is recommended that you drink 2 litres of water a day, plus other refreshing drinks such as shakes and smoothies for the ultimate results.

Follow these simple steps to achieve your fitness goals faster and to create the body of your dreams. Make sure you purchase your supplements from a trustworthy sport nutrition Australia supplier since not all of them are good enough and safe to consume. Your body is your temple, pay attention what you give it to thrive on.


Fly Fishing Videos Can Help You Learn The Fly Fishing Basics

May 27, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


It really is a piece of cake to learn anything these days. The Internet is your first stop and if we’re completely honest, you can find all sort of information there. It’s pretty much the case with fishing too. As much as you want to say that to perfect that skill you need to practice, sure you need to, but you also don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for someone to teach you how to do it. You can simply find an online fishing TV channel and do a little observatory research of all the moves, equipment pieces, tips and tricks professionals use in order to be the best in their area and actually make it on the screen.Fishing Angling Methods
From all the angling methods, fly fishing happens to be the most popular with which all people are widely familiar. It’s the type of angling method that uses an artificial fly for catching a fish. The fly is usually attached to a specialized weighted line that’s installed on a fly rod with a special reel. Now, you may think that casting a fly that’s almost weightless is very easy, but it really isn’t; it’s very demanding and requires the employment of special casting techniques.

Besides all the accompanying necessities like what should your fishing gear include, what should be left at home, how should you be dressed for the day and similar simpler questions, the matter that will most interest you is how to do the actual casting. There are two ways to learn that: you can either hire an instructor to teach you, or, you can look for online fishing TV videos and tutorials and learn by yourself. Personally, I think learning by yourself is a lot more effective since you’ll give the entire process a tone of individuality by understanding everything your way, not how someone else sees it.
Fly Fishing

So, what can you learn through online fishing videos? For starters, you can see how few of the many fly fishing techniques for which you can read on the Internet, are actually done:

  • Fly fishing in cold water is done by taking the proper casting position in the first place. You can see how is this performed and most importantly, how are the anglers dressed: you need sure footing and insulation from the cold water provided by hip boors and chest-high waders.
  • For dry fly trout fishing you’d need a line and flies that float. The thing that matters here is the choice of the flies; since they’ll be floating, you’d need something visible on the surface.
  • Nymphing for trout requires certain techniques as well; you need to put a fly down to the trout when there’s no insect activity on the surface and that as a technique needs to be perfected before it’s conducted.

As you can see, all these things may not be so hard to grasp and learn; however, seeing them done for once makes everything so much easier.