3 Steps To a Safe Skateboarding Experience

May 19, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon

Skateboard Decks 1

Skateboarders – you can’t just not love them. Everything about skateboarding is so cool, restless and simply awesome. We love their style, their moves, their skateboard decks, their shoes, their adrenaline-filled yet often-times funny youtube videos…that’s why many of us want to become “one of them” so badly.

Although most people that don’t practice skateboarding think of it as a simple hobby, if you ask any skateboarder out there they will tell you that it’s a lot more than that: for them it’s a way of life. And we understand them because, c’mon, have you seen what skateboarding looks like? It breaks boundaries and social rules just to make us rethink our everyday reality and problems.

Skateboarding actually is a creative force that drives fearless people into unknown parts of their souls and that’s why it’s so addictive and powerful. However, with skateboarding it’s not all fun and games. If not done right it can be a really dangerous sport. This is why no matter what you do and no matter how long you’ve been boarding the streets, you have to make sure you always follow some general rules.

Skateboard Decks 2

  • Get Skateboard Decks That Suit You

In skateboarding the deck is your life and soul – if you choose the wrong one you’ll be doomed to have a very bad skating experience. This is why when you buy skateboard decks make sure they are made of high-quality materials. Since normally most decks are made of wood, you have to make sure when you buy skateboard decks they are made of durable and quality wood material. Some of the high-quality wood materials include: Canadian maple, plywood, bamboo and birch. Besides the material of the deck, make sure you examine closely the wheels and the bearings.

  • Don’t Forget About Safety

As I mentioned before, skateboarding can be dangerous. And I know making tricks and boarding down the streets or the boardwalk is super cool and it makes you feel like the ultimate rebel around, but don’t forget that a simple mistake could be fatal for your skateboarding career. So whenever you get on that skateboard make sure you wear a proper helmet and some pads that will keep you safe from injuring your legs and arms.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Skateboarding is all about practice. Don’t forget that even masters were all once beginners. Don’t go too hard on yourself and always remember that by going slowly and patiently the results will be better and quicker.