Steps to Properly Charging Your RC Battery

December 10, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


The battery life of your RC car will go a long way if you if you properly take care of it and charge it correctly. And that shouldn’t be that hard, at least not if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After all, you spent all that time and energy looking for the ideal RC vehicle for you, so you certainly don’t want to let it all go down the drain now that you finally got it in your hands, right? For that very reason, in today’s blog post we will share with you some simple tips on how to properly charge and therefore, preserve the longevity of your battery’s life.


Steps to Deciding on the Best Type of RC Vehicle

November 27, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


Remote control vehicles are one of the most entertaining ways to spend some time outdoors during the warmer months of the year. There’s a wide range of RC models that people can pick from, depending on the type of driving they want to do. These models include RC cars, crawlers, buggies, truggies, monster trucks, short course trucks and more. Typically, RC vehicles are modeled after full-size cars and trucks and are just scaled down in size. You’ll find 1:5, 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 and smaller sized models, but before you decide on a model and size, you should get a grasp on what the difference between the different types is, and what kind of riding each model is best suited for.


Buying RV Batteries? Take a Step Back and Learn About the Different Types

July 12, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


Your RV’s battery is of utmost importance for it functioning the way it should, so you need it to be reliable and dependable under any conditions. Oftentimes, we don’t appreciate our batteries until we’re in the middle of nowhere and we’re left without power. That being said, you should highly consider getting a deep-cycle battery. Deep-cycle batteries are specifically designed to provide deep discharges of power at rapid rates to high-power-consuming appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, and ovens.

There are a few different types of deep-cycle batteries you’ll come across in auto electrical supplies online stores, but the most common ones are lithium-ion, AGM, Gel and flooded lead-acid.


The Steps to Planning Your Interior Decor with LED Downlights

November 14, 2017 — by Richard Dawson




One needn’t go further than the basic eco-friendly properties of LEDs to realise why downlights have made it such a trend. Producing higher quality of light than incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are also superior in the durability which is why they make such a valuable investment. Along with that, you also don’t get to do that much of maintenance, and replace them often.


Step Into the Night with a Rechargeable Flashlight

October 5, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


If you’re a camping or hiking enthusiast, you already know the struggles of regular flashlights, especially if you’re like to stay in the great outdoors for an extended period of time. Batteries are the main problem, since you have to think ahead how many you will need to pack. Well, with the department of technology advancing, there is now a more reasonable, sustainable option for such occasions – the LED rechargeable flashlight.rechargeable flashlight

Packed with a lithium-ion battery, the same kind of batteries used by our modern mobile devices, the rechargeable flashlight can go for hours without being charged. The main upside of such mechanics is the cut on cost of disposable batteries and the environmental benefits. The LED bulbs also help you save up money, a regular LED has the lifetime of about 15,000 hours.

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Steps to Turning Your Home Into Your Sanctuary

August 18, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Every person on this planet has certain problems, we all have situations that are difficult to deal with, every once in a while most of us wish we could just fly off to a different place and just forget everything, never come back home. If you turn your home into your sanctuary, like I did, you won’t get this urge often as you’d get reenergised at home, so much so in fact, you’d even forget about holidays for some time.

Occasionally, I enjoy the rest and relaxation of spas, also taking the overall well-being benefits into account, so I figured why not turn my home into the resting and relaxing place a spa is instead, save up on money and time along the way by giving up going to local spas. So, I started working on this idea.

Though I expected it to be somewhat difficult, it got easier than I thought, and I owe it to the ingenuity of the far infrared heating pad. You get all the muscle relaxation in a matter of minutes, with no fuss, and you reap all the benefits of the infrared rays that penetrate through your skin without even sweating.

I get the same benefits as I do from a sauna, and I still get to save up on space at home that a sauna would require. I can place the far infrared heating pad just about anywhere at home, wherever there’s a flat surface and it doesn’t have to be the floor, it can be a bed, or couch, all that’s required is an electrical socket, I plug it in, set the temperature, and I get my own personalised spa in an instant.

Far Infrared Heating Pad

I feel so relaxed afterwards, that I feel as though I’d been on a long deserved holiday, with no sight of stress or anxiety, knowing my body got the therapy required to detoxify – when I think about it, I find it as relaxing as yoga too!

Then again, when it comes to a sanctuary, it all starts and ends with sleep. If you haven’t known by now, sleep deprivation can make you grumpy and shake up your relationships, but that’s not the least damage it can do when it comes to your health and ability to deal with and solve problems.

I used to be the typical modern day person, surrounded by electronics even in my bedroom, then wondered why I wasn’t getting the quality sleep and started having insomnia every once in a while. With a bit of research, and diet changes (I don’t eat midnight snacks anymore…), I also said bye to all the electronics in my bedroom.

Everything counts in this transformation project, so if you have an outdoor area, don’t forget to include it. You can immediately turn your patio, deck, or yard into a stress-free zone by adding a hammock. Afternoon nap in fresh air? Check. Relaxing reading time while sunbathing? Check. Stargazing at night with your favourite night-cap? Check.

That’s the point of this project, to get everything in your home that would reflect relaxation, instead of something that stresses you out. Speaking of which, this would be the perfect time to also get rid of all the clutter you might be having around. These are the steps I’ve taken, and I have to admit, they all work wonders for me. Are there other steps you could take to turn your home into a sanctuary? I’m up for more ideas!


Steps to Improving Your Garage’s Energy Efficiency

August 7, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Same as there are women who just can’t contain themselves when it comes to shopping (or as I call it clothing hunt), there are men, like me, who can’t resist increasing their DIY tool collection. Though I wouldn’t say I’m a pro at repairing and creating things, I enjoy the role of family handyman so I try to get the necessary tools that would make my work all the better and more efficient.


3 Steps to Get Your Kid Into Playing Guitar Without Stress

July 17, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Kids Guitar

While we may not be able to influence our kids’ choices once they hit teen town, we can sure do a lot while they’re our little precious ones. There’s no denying many of us parents dream of bringing up a super-talented kid, however, a parent’s love should be unconditional and we should all accept them as they are. That doesn’t prevent us from giving them some direction though.


3 Steps to Choosing a Top-Notch Diving Torch

May 29, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Australia’s underwater world is truly breathtaking. We’ve all seen the brilliant exotic colours of the Great Barrier Reef on Discovery Channel specials and magazine features. But if you were to dive in right this instant, without any gear and somehow survive, what you will be greeted by is a depressing bluish-grey void. This is because as you dive deeper water rapidly absorbs the colours in the red part of the spectrum, leaving only the blue palette behind. And that’s the answer if you were wondering why the ocean is blue.Diving Torches For Sale

However, a powerful diving torch can give a diver a proper glimpse of the colourful and spectacular life hiding beneath the sea surface. Not to mention how proper illumination will make you feel safer in such a vast space where anything can swim up behind you. As diving gear evolved to perfection, so did diving torches. Now a modern diver is faced with the dilemma what to pick out of the hundreds of different diving torches for sale. To make it easier for you, we’ve reduced the process to the 3 most important consideration steps. Let’s dive in now!


What to Expect When Getting the Computer Repairs Service

November 9, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


I really can’t imagine what the world would be like if not for all of the technological developments. Call me an electronics addict if you will, but I can’t go a day without using the internet, spending hours using the computer for work, then more hours for relaxation, finding a good film, catching up with family and friends, reading books on my iPad, and hopefully pay the bills on time. I am sure most of you, dear readers, do the same, so it’s not an exaggeration to say we’re part of a world that largely depends on technology. But it’s all perfect until some unexpected tech problem occurs, either causing just slight inconvenience with work or a complete operation disruption and that’s when you realize just how dependent on technology you are.


Whichever the case, it’s always better (and more cost-effective) to get the help of IT professionals than replacing your electronics with new ones. Along with knowing how to find the right IT support company, it’s also important to know what you can expect the company to provide for you, what you can ask for and how to prepare yourself for questions regarding explaining the problems you’re experiencing. Everyone has their own way of using electronics, or a computer more specifically, so when getting the computer repairs service, you can’t expect IT technicians to know what’s happening right upon seeing your computer. Questions regarding a password you might be having, whether you’ve received any error messages, and if you were using a certain program when the problem appeared are questions you might be asked.

Perhaps it’s a problem you could fix, but then again without the proper knowledge and skills, you could end up making things worse and get into an even bigger problem so it’s best to stay on the safe side and trust professionals with it. Hiring a company and getting its computer repairs service means you can expect to get the help regarding a simpler repair, such as a broken power socket, keyboard or battery change, or a more demanding one as a motherboard issue. There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of downloading the latest episode of your favourite show (I am currently hooked on The Crown and experienced the problem), and this is when IT technicians can save you with the perfect hardware expansion or even a replacement.

Sometimes it might be an inconvenience with pop-ups, ads, the laptop taking ages to load and open pages, or even worse – to start or shut down, but it’s nothing repairs services can’t take care of. Having the reliable company is more than a necessity nowadays, and you should prepare and find one even if you haven’t experienced any issues yet. Knowing who you can count on when having a software or hardware issue of your beloved electronics can save you money and stress in the long run.


A Few Steps to Becoming the Next Animal Planet Photographer

November 3, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


Creating an image is capturing the special energy and the state of consciousness of the object. It takes effort, skills and the right equipment for a perfect photography. If you’ve ever watched some of Animal Planet‘s documentaries, you’ll know that their crew goes through everything for the perfect shot. I suppose capturing a lion while eating his prey needs to be done in an almost ghostly way, otherwise things can get pretty tricky. That’s when all the right equipment steps in.


Animal Planet photographers often-times choose macro photography techniques to show us the tiny worlds of insects. If you have a basic knowledge of photography, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. These extreme close up shots give a whole new perspective of experiencing the universe of small things such as insects, plants and all the different miniature objects that surround us. Thankfully, the technology has advanced so much that you don’t need as much equipment in order to get the perfect macro photography shot.

Before considering entering the world of “tiny photography made big” as I like to call it, you’ll need a good digital camera. It’s not just the type, the size or the price. When buying a camera there are many things to keep in mind, since it’s a long lasting investment that usually costs a lot. Once you’ve bought the camera that suits you the most, we can get into the necessary equipment for macro photography. Keep in mind that when buying camera accessories online is the quickest and nowadays probably the best way to do it. There is a great variety of tools you can choose from and you can read reviews from other clients and see their experience with the equipment.

Close-Up Lenses

If you want to add macro capabilities to a longer lens, close – up lenses should be your first choice. With them you don’t need to take out your objective whenever you want to take a different shot. They are usually popular to use with zoom lenses like 70 – 200 or a 100 – 400/80 – 400. Make sure you look into their specifications though, because low quality close – up lenses can give you problems with focus and lower the quality of the image.

Extension Tubes

These are the most hidden gem in macro photography. Extension tubes are a cheap and lightweight solution that will give you stunning macro images. They go between the camera and the lens and change the minimum focus distance (MFD) that allows you to get closer to your subject. Usually extension tubes do not affect the images’ quality as there are no optics inside.

Macro Shooting Table

Since macro photography is all about the tiny, you don’t need a big studio for your macro sessions. Shooting tables are relatively inexpensive investments that will make your life way easier. Say goodbye to hanging up bed sheets and messing around all over the house. They make excellent backdrops when creating still life macro photography. You may also like sb game hacker app.

Macro Flash/Led Lighting

For a greater depth of field and faster shutter speeds (the essentials of macro photography) you need as much light as you can get, thus every macro photographer should have a spare flash solution in the bag. The light from these flashes comes from many different angles and no matter how close the objective gets to the subject, macro flashes won’t let a single shadow ruin your precious photo.

It’s of a paramount importance turning to the tips and tricks all macro photographers share when it comes to this delicate branch of photography, however before you even start considering becoming the next Animal Planet photographer we’ll fall in love with, don’t forget to look for the necessary camera accessories online. They will guide you into this splendid world of colours and everlasting exploration keeping your photograph safe from any possible mishaps that can get in the way. So, what did we say was the colour of the frog’s eyes?


Titanium & Stainless Steel Flashlights: Get the tactical advantage of the farther sight at night

August 4, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


titanium flashlight

If you are looking to buy a flashlight that you’ll use on camping or hunting trips, hiking, or maybe to look for something you lost in the dark, there are many things you should know before deciding which type will best suit your needs. However, if you are looking for durability, performance and efficiency, titanium or stainless steel flashlight is what you want.

Both titanium and stainless steel flashlights possesses high endurance and durability features that make them perfect for any occasion. Here are some of the features these flashlights offer over plastic and aluminum ones.

  • Stronger and More Durable – Most flashlights are made from aluminum or polymer, which can be great in their own way, but titanium outdoes them when it comes to strength and durability. A titanium or stainless steel flashlight can last for a lifetime. Other types of flashlights will get damaged more easily and break or malfunction after a few impacts or scratches. Titanium flashlights can withstand damage even if you accidentally drop them from your hand, and their LED bulb won’t burn out at drastic temperature changes.
  • Long Term Investment – Even though it might be slightly more expansible than other flashlights, it will last you a very very long time. Same with the LED bulb inside of it. Traditional flashlights are made of polymer and aluminum which come with traditional lighting. Furthermore, titanium and stainless steel are rust and corrosion resistant materials unlike aluminum and plastic. Once you invest in a titanium or stainless steel flashlight, you’ll never have to buy another flashlight. Ever again.
  • As light as a Feather – The titanium shell is light and you won’t feel a strain in your hands while carrying it. Most people that go hiking, camping or are on a search and rescue mission, need to carry a flashlight for extended periods of time. Titanium and stainless steel flashlights minimize the feeling of holding something heavy that will quickly tire your arms.

These features make stainless steel and titanium flashlights superior to models made of different less resistant and durable materials. However, when you are buying a flashlight, you also need to consider how many lumens it can output, and the type of battery it uses. For some applications you will need less lumens, for others you might need much more. Do a thorough research online to ensure you get the flashlight with specifications that fit your needs and application. And as I previously mentioned, consider the type of batteries and whether they are rechargeable or not. Alkaline batteries can be great, but lithium are slightly better, hence come at a higher price.

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Step-by-step guide: Getting Familiar With Multimeters

July 15, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


If you are looking for a tool that will measure the continuity, voltage, capacitance, resistance, current, and temperature, then look no further than a multimeter. While not all models will do the same thing, they generally work the same. There are a few things to look for when you are looking for multimeters for sale which includes necessities, nice extras, and things that you probably won’t use that much. Below we will be going over what you should look for in a multimeter and how you can get familiar with the device so you can use it more easily.

Multimeters For Sale