Steps to Picking the Right Helmet and Enjoying a Safe Ride

November 9, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

Sometimes I think how boring of a place the world would be if not for the fun and excitement riding a motorcycle provides. Just having the possibility of visiting far off places and escape the boring surroundings, meet more motorcycling enthusiasts, make new friends and join motorcycling groups is what it’s all about. Whenever I’m in the company of my motorcycle, I feel as if I have wings to fly and some sort of invincibility particularly when I see the looks on people’s faces who are stuck in their cars in the kilometres long traffic congestions, envying me for making my way through with ease. The feeling of flying and invincibility are just some of the reasons why you should take up motorcycle riding.

Motorcycle Helmet

As much as I feel invincible though, I bet many would agree there’s also some sort of danger with these rides, more so than with cars, let’s say, however when you have the right equipment and ride around with caution, changing the speed accordingly, there’s nothing to worry about. Talking about the essence of equipment, one can’t be considered a true biker if not for the use of a helmet. Safety always comes first, and since in case of accidents, the head is the most vulnerable part, having the proper helmet makes a world of difference, providing all the protection since it can absorb the impact and act as a shield. With plenty of shops, both local and online, and their big assortment of motorcycle accessories, I’m sure you’d find the perfect helmet for you. Here are a few steps to get you to a wise purchase.

First, decide whether you’re more of a full face or open face helmet fan. The full face helmet, as you can guess from the name, covers up the whole head, and it’s got a visor that can be placed up and down for eye protection and face access. Open face don’t protect the chin but they cover up the back and sides of the head and you can get a face shield if you want protection against insects and dust. Then, there are also half face helmets, but they are the least safe option of the three, so if you want to get the safest go for the full face.

Girl Riding Motorcycle

The next step would be to consider the size. A helmet should feel tight to a certain degree where it covers most of the head but not as tight so as to cause you discomfort. The same goes for all the rest motorcycle accessories that should be part of your full motorcycle outfit such as the ideal pants, jacket and boots. Having good peripheral vision is also something to look for, so you’d be able to see well side to side. Once you’ve got size covered, think about the weight. This is where materials and aerodynamics step into the spotlight. Fibreglass composites and plastic are the usual choices, but there are also those made of carbon fibre which have a longer lifespan and happen to be stronger than steel. The better the aerodynamics, the more prevention of a helmet lift.

After covering the functional safety points, you can focus on the aesthetics and choose from the variety of colours and designs you’d most feel comfortable wearing. Riding a motorcycle is all about style and that’s also something the helmet can assist you with.