3 Steps to Outfitting Yourself With Everything You Need for a Hunting Trip

September 11, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


People think that hunting is much more dangerous than it actually is. Granted, carrying a gun around doesn’t help to make it the safest activity in the world, but if you follow the proper procedure, it is really no different from mountain climbing or trekking. But I will not deny that like those other two activities, hunting is not only made easier, but significantly safer with the addition of the proper tools and equipment.


Getting Ready for Mountain Biking in a Few Easy Steps

February 22, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


Mountain biking is an incredibly fun and sometimes incredibly challenging activity. It allows you to be able to take your bike and go on infrequently travelled mountain and forest trails and experience them in a completely different way than you would have if you were on foot. Combine this with the fresh air and sunshine, and you will find that it can also prove to be a great exercise routine that can help you look forward to becoming more active. The only problem that people seem to have with it is not knowing exactly what equipment they might need to bring along with them when they are first starting out, but that can be fixed easily.


The Steps to Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly

February 6, 2018 — by Valeriya Vimon


Though it’s not always easy to admit, we modern day people have drifted away from nature, especially those of us living in urban environments. It may seem difficult to be at one with nature, but it’s certainly not impossible, particularly when you have a garden area waiting for you to breathe some life into it.

Great news is you can do so without breaking your bank, starting from the addition of garden chairs. Now you may wonder why start from furniture pieces – you’re going to see further through the post, so patience! Since there is a wide range of outdoor chairs, you’re sure to find those that bring about style as much as comfort.

Garden Chairs

Then again, considering we’re talking about garden chairs, you’d also want to get quality, something that would withstand the test of time (and the weather conditions!). You can have that with teak outdoor chairs – the sustainable recycling material, that’s bound to sweep you off your feet with its resistant properties, and durability.

Once you’ve made your pick on the chair design, and completed the purchase, it’s time for the other changes. Apart from surrounding yourself with all sorts of plants, you can make your outdoor area more wildlife-friendly, by creating spots that invite them to come over for a visit, and you can do so by making your plant choices wisely.

You’re sure to enjoy the sight of butterflies and bees by planting ornamental plants like lavender, and honeysuckle; more points if you also throw in the beauty of shrubs and trees, the perfect nesting places for your garden friends.

Build a pond, and you’ve paved the path for visits from frogs and toads. Taking into account the breeding of insects the pond would enable, you could also expect to see some bats, stopping by for a pond feast. Surrounding the pond with rocks guarantees the visit of lizards as well, however if you live in a snake prone area, you might consider leaving out rocks from the project, as snakes love a good rock shade too.

The way to win over birds’ attention is to make bird houses for them, filling them with food, and of course, the addition of a fountain where they can stop by to drink, and have a refreshing bath.

Not only would these garden changes enable you to help the environment, but you’d also get to witness more garden health thanks to wildlife! And oh, once you’re done with the project, take a seat in your lovely new chair, put your feet up, and relax with the view of garden liveliness.


Camping: Why Is Splurging On Equipment A Smart Step

March 29, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Whether you are just a lover of the outdoors who likes backpacking into the woods or you’re a rebel at heart who enjoys music festivals out in the open, owning a quality tent and other essential accessories is of utmost importance. The tent will be your little, portable home so you better make sure it endures all the atmospheric changes of the outside world. I mean, you could stop by at the first shop and buy the cheapest tent you see, but I guarantee you you’re going to throw it away right after your camping adventure ends. So why not skip the troubles and invest in quality tent equipment right from the start?

Pole Tent


May the Adventure Begin: 3 Steps to Breathe Life into Your Dull Caravan Interior

February 23, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Long, hot summer days packed with lots of sunshine, tanning, swimming and nights spent around the bonfire roasting marshmallows, retelling stories and gazing at the stars. Yup, it’s that time of the year every child dreams of and every parent waits for because it’s the ideal chance to unwind and forget about the real world at least for a couple of days. Summer camping is truly a world of its own.

camper furniture


Step by Step Into Why the Lady is a Camper

January 23, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


That old, or even better, ancient pitch, that wicked witchcraft of a burning sunset extinguishing its fire behind a glorious hill, surrounded by vast greenery that arouses the need to proceed adventuring with the strongest of will… That irresistible and irreplaceable connection with the self one is only to experience by letting the wind run its fingers through their hair… The whisper of life’s true essence we cannot hear when stuck in the rat race of a busy town’s atmosphere… That’s why the lady is a camper.

Rv Accessories Online


Steps to Taking Care of Your Home on Wheels

January 10, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Being part of the busy world of today doesn’t leave much time for hanging out with nature unless we take matters into our hands and make sure it becomes part of our day to day lives. This is easily achieved when you buy a campervan, of course maybe not every day, but you won’t have the excuse anymore not to embark on a journey and stay in touch with nature whenever you get the chance. However, same as every other vehicle, it requires regular check-ups and maintenance, sometimes to a degree more than your car for instance, because usually it doesn’t fit everyone’s garage so it’s parked outside.

Taking care RV


Conquer the Depths of the Ocean: Steps to Getting the Right Diving Equipment

October 26, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Water is life, the essential component for every living organism. Humans and animals alike require it as to be able to keep their bodies functioning well. It takes up about 70% of the surface of the earth with all the springs, rivers, lakes and oceans and it keeps mother nature alive. The important role of water isn’t just related to our physical functions but the emotional ones as well. It’s something ancient people were very well aware of as we can see by the many public and thermal baths they had. It doesn’t take long to understand where that stems from, a warm shower before bed is perfect for relaxing and falling into slumber. What’s interesting to note, is after all this time, we still don’t know as much about the great depths of the ocean as we know about the vastness of space.


Having this in mind, a little adventure of diving and snorkeling can get you a long way in getting to know more of the secrets and vividness of the ocean. However, unless you’re a very experienced diver, you’re going to need the proper bits of equipment so that you make the most of this adventure and you have to take every step to get to know more of the essential pieces to be able to wisely choose from all the choices of diving equipment available for sale in specialized shops. When it comes to the bare essentials, the wet-suit, mask and fins are the pieces you should get first.

It’s important to invest in quality wet-suit for full body protection if you want to have the chance to stay in water longer. Every millimeter of additional thickness means having a suit that provides perfect insulation and won’t let cold get you. Since every person’s body has different cold tolerance, so it’s important that you choose the amount of thickness wisely. The least thick, with two millimeters, are ideal for warm water plunges, whereas three, five or seven are more suited for dives in cold water. There is a difference when you’re staying underwater near the surface than when you’re diving deeper and along with the difference in thickness, difference in style is also crucial. Full diving wet-suit not only keeps you warm but also compresses while in ocean depths. Once you get this diving equipment part, you have to take proper care of it to preserve its longevity. As soon as you’re done diving, wash it in warm freshwater to clean salt and sand particles that could deteriorate its quality.

The mask is your window to the underwater world. It’s important to consider nose fitting and the field of vision. A mask that doesn’t fit you well will let water leak in. You have to differentiate between the number of lenses of mask varieties, some have a single lens, others have double, and then there are also those with multiple lenses, it’s all about the style you prefer and the amount of angle of vision you require. It’s advisable to learn a few tricks beforehand that can help with your diving altogether, like defogging the lenses by using your own spit. A foggy mask can ruin your experience and even have you miss seeing more of the species living in the waters that come by to greet you.


If you want to have an easier and more enjoyable dive, you have to get your own pair of fins. First things first, they have to fit and only then you can focus on the style. Full foot fins are basically made for snorkelling and warm water dives as they are lighter, whereas open heel fins are designed for scuba diving. Make sure you get full regulator set that’s environmentally sealed to keep contaminants away and allow for smooth breathe during deeper dives. If you want to dive in cold waters, be sure to get your diving booties to pair the open heel fins with. Enjoy uncovering more of the ocean and don’t forget your waterproof camera to make lasting memories!


Stepping Up You RV-ing: What’s Your Next Trip?

October 4, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Recently, one of the world’s greatest businessman, engineer, and inventor, Elon Musk announced his ambitious plans to colonize Mars and all the challenges that lie ahead. Basically, they need to carry enough fuel to make the trip, but also all the supplies and equipment to set up a sustainable colony. All this need to be light-weight and take up as little space as possible – sounds familiar right? Well, if you own an RV, you know exactly what I’m talking about.RV Appliances


Camp Like a Champ with the Right Campervan Awning

September 21, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


I am one of those people who love the sea and love spending a month or so living by it, but I am not the type of person who loves spending a fortune for it. By spending a fortune on it I mean paying for an apartment rent or worse, a hotel. I’m no Rockefeller, just a mere mortal. But a smart one, luckily. When I realized life is too short to torture myself every month just to save up a few dollars so I can go on a trip, I decided I was going to solve the accommodation problem and unchain myself from all the limitations like choosing the cheapest option. So, I bought a campervan. And oh, all the wild trips I’ve had since then!

campervan Awning

Every campervan owner knows the feeling of not having to worry about leaving the apartment at a certain time and all the freedom you get when it comes to sleeping the way you want and how much you want. It’s camping, and you all know camping is all about connecting with nature and well, saving a dollar or two. However, if you accept the camping way of travelling you’ll see that it’s actually quite fun. You can customize your campervan and re-create your home everywhere you go. You’re probably thinking that’s impossible in such a small space, so let me talk to you about the convenience called a campervan awning.

If you don’t have it in your campervan accessory arsenal, start searching for campervan awnings for sale to get one ASAP. It’s like you get an extra room packed in a bag and carrying it on the back seat ready to be installed and put into work. There are basically two types of awnings you can choose from: a canopy – which is permanently attached to the outer side of your van and taken out as necessity requires, and a drive-away awning – which is tent-like and has to be installed separately, attached to your van, or as a separate tent. Both types have their advantages, and choosing would largely depend on the length of your journey, your destination, or how much people are travelling with you.

The right way to get one

Just like any other purchase you’d make, you need to know your facts before buying an awning. That means – researching all that is offered on the market. You can wander around brick and mortar shops, or you can do an online hunt for campervan awnings for sale – consider your time and convenience here. However, for success, you need a few things cleared well in advance.

What type will you get?

Decide if it’s more convenient for you to get a canopy or a drive-away. Mainly, campers who don’t stick long on one place go with the canopy, as this provides good sun, wind and rain protection. If you’re planning on camping for days on one place, then the drive-away would be more convenient – it will provide extra sleeping space, space for a kitchen, or place for keeping a dog safe at night.

The much-needed accessories

Along with buying the awning itself, you should consider getting the much needed accessories. This includes cleaning products, de-flapper clamps for keeping the awning steady on the ground and a stabilizer kit made of screw anchors and spring-loaded tension straps. You should also be prepared if it starts to rain, as your awning can be drowned completely if not installed properly.

Bottom line, if you have a large family and you love travelling, a campervan and an accompanying awning can really upgrade your entire camping experience. You’d feel as if you were at home, while being on some beach and enjoying all the surrounding natural beauty.


Step-By-Step Kids Scooter Buying Guide: Scoot Your Way to the Perfect Family Outing

July 19, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


I used to have a lot of problems walking with my two boys; they’re both very lively sort to say, and they’re always goofing around, running like crazy and disobeying me when I scream at them to calm down and hold my hands. I didn’t know how to solve this problem until a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful idea: putting them on wheels! You may think that restless kids on wheels are a lot more dangerous, but on the contrary. Naturally, you’ll take your kids to ride their scooters in the park where no vehicles are allowed. Also, when they’re slowly driving their scooters, you won’t have to be afraid of them falling off and breaking a leg or an arm, which often happens when they run like nuts.

Micro Sprite Scooter

Yup, a 2 wheel scooter for kids did solve my problem right after I managed to learn how to choose the right one. Believe it or not, scooters have all kinds of features that make them differ by brand and type. It matters a lot whether your kid is 2, 3 or 13 years old because apparently, a scooter for a two year old is not the same as the one suitable for a 13 year old. Starting from this point, I made a research on the points one needs to consider before buying a 2 wheel scooter for kids.

If your kid is between 2 and 7 years old…
You can actually introduce your kid to the world of scooters starting from the age of 2. These scooters are actually a lot smaller and lighter as they need to suit the child’s height and weight. Have in mind that children in this age are generally beginners in the world of riding a scooter, so it’s best that you include beginner’s safety equipment as well. Also consider the use of a three-wheeled scooter if your kid is 2 years old, because these are a lot easier to master when trying to learn how to ride. If your kid is over 4 years old than a 2 wheel scooter for kids is the option to go with, as it will instantly allow your kid to get used to the two wheels.

If your kid is above 7 but not older than 13…
Scooters for this age group are a lot different. They;re bigger and heavier, according to the kid’s age, size and weight. Also, there are no three-wheeled scooters for kids in this age category. It’s presumable that the kid is able to ride the two-wheeled scooter. Also, a kid above age 10 probably masters the scooter quite well so he’ll be able to go to school with it and accompany you without any additional care while you walk in the park. How convenient is that? Your kids don’t bother you, you’re able to walk in the park for hours, enjoy and still have them around. Ah, heaven.

So, to conclude it all, don’t stress about your family walks being disturbed by an injury or a crying kid because his brother doesn’t play with him. Put them on wheels and enjoy while they amuse themselves and enjoy manipulating their scooter in all directions.